Barrett J. Brunsman | Cincinnati Business Courier | October 30, 2014

Assurex Health plans to add scores of jobs as a result of Medicare agreeing to cover the cost of the Mason firm’s genetic test for people with depression.

Millions of people who have health insurance through the federal government’s Medicare program might benefit from such tests, which doctors order to determine the best medications for treatment, said Gina Drosos, CEO of Assurex Health. There would be no out-of-pocket expense for the patients covered by Medicare Part B.

More than 52 million Americans are insured by Medicare, including 43 million people 65 or older and 9 million with disabilities.

The GeneSight psychotropic test is the first of its kind to get the nod from Medicare, Drosos said. It analyzes how a patient’s genes might affect his or her metabolism and response to FDA-approved medicines commonly prescribed to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or other mental health conditions.

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